Pink Floyd vs. The Beatles

Floyd Musings by KEITH from Toronto
Originally posted in HOT WACKS, Supplement 4, HOT WACKS Press 1996 ... I penned myself as "KEITH from Toronto" and wrote several items about Pink Floyd for the publication.
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In one corner we have the group that began it all. They set off the 60's rock music invasion and merely changed the face of popular music for all time. If that wasn't enough, they also were a major influence for the group in the other corner. So chalk up an early point for Pink Floyd. Just kidding folks! Of course it's the Beatles who came first. But let me clarify what this article is about. It has nothing to do with an actual competition between Pink Floyd and the Beatles. Instead, I want you to think of all the similarities, oddities and parallels between the two bands. There are quite a few. You can probably come up with some quick and easy ones: Both groups come from England: Both had members that knew each other from their school days. Both had more than one songwriter and one vocalist. Both were five piece bands at one stage. Both groups came out of the 1960s. Both experienced creative differences causing very public and not too pleasant splits involving their bass players. But get past these and you get down to the real comparison. Pink Floyd and the Beatles have many more things in common.

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Pink Floyd flying pig from Rogers Waters' Wall show

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Floyd vs. Beatles What Say You?

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