Open Data

Off the music pursuit is Keith's Open Data work.

Keith actually worked for years (the "day job") as Open Data Lead with the City of Toronto (people used to say: "don't quit your day job but they never said "don't retire"). He continues to help socialize open data for governments and citizens. Now, if you don't know what open data is ... well, you aren't alone!

The best way to understand it is to think of the weather. What if all the weather data wasn't released to media or citizens? Well, you wouldn't know what is going on beyond poking your head outside! So, governments collect lots and lots and lots of data that is actually paid for by the tax paying citizen. Over the last several years, many governments are starting to release what they collect. Therein is the explanation of open data. Pretty cool!

Check out my open data song and efforts for good buddy, Richard Pietro - famous for the Open Government Tour across Canada. 

Read an interview I did while working as Open Data Lead for the City of Toronto by GEOthink