Actually, we don't get out live often enough!  Now, with Jamie based in Calgary, gigs are quite literally off the table.

We thought we might do a launch in Toronto back with the
"Happy Accident" release but augmenting a band for live performance proved to be a non-starter. Perhaps, as Jamie makes his way back to T.O., the band might try to work in a live gig.

Keith is thinking about creating a virtual experience that might work as a live show incorporating video and lots of dry ice and he's working up his ghost band thing: The Bandogles.  

In any case and any eventuality, you're bound to get Keith and/or The Bandogles solo from time-to-time playing some of his more personal and
political whinersmusic

Whiners band on stage with Whiners written on a cirlce screen in back of stage

By the way, if we ever are out and about, we'll tell you here. And join the mailing list for Whiners gig announcements and other release news!