Hello from The Bandogles

Don't just ogle … Bandogle!

No, you haven't left The Whiners pages, it's Keith's new experiment: The Bandogles.

With the second Whiners album, Whiners and Losers, out and Jamie still away in Calgary, there's some time to burn before the triumphant return of both members to T.O. So, Keith is throwing some stuff at the wall to see what sticks. It's a time to offer some music that doesn't quite fit The Whiners but still fits. Keith used to call his solo pursuits "whinersmusic" but, sans-Jamie, it's not quite that. So, ergo, hence and ipso-facto, The Bandogles … and, oh, also Sheryl's Crush for a singles series release of songs!

Keith Solo Bandogle: Sheryl's Crush

Keith Solo 2 … The Bandogles


And here's some Bandogles Bumpf for 'ya ...

From hard rock to folk and, sometimes, the other way around - The Bandogles bid you welcome!

Listen to our tracks and help yourself to all the free downloads 'ya can eat. We'd love 'ya to get "fat" on our tunes.

We was born in the Province of Quebec - in Montreal, on a cold night in August. We've 'bin alive for many nights since then. That may be why our tunes are a tad matured - nurtured by time and space and lessons learned. If we could go back again, why, we'd mostly do it the exact same way ... 'cept maybe keep some of our original Beatles cards and toys unopened in their original packages. Nah, that would spoil it.

Did you know, if you die and get to heaven, all your childhood stuffed toys will be there waiting for you?