Whiners solo ... political?

Keith gets out more solo than with Jamie as the full Whiners.  It's a different vibe than the full band as explained on our gigs page. Keith tends to parcel lots of humour while shooting you right in the arm.

Most of these kind of whinersmusic songs haven't made any full band sets (or recordings yet) simply because they lend themselves to the more traditional folk singer kind of thing. Or at least, that's where it's headed - all Keith needs is the harmonica thing going on!  

Also, Keith doesn't want to try and reproduce
Happy Accident or Whiners and Losers material that much without Jamie. Still, given Jamie's departure to Calgary, Keith will give some solo renditions a try sooner or later.

That being said, Check out Keith's contributions to Neil Young's Living With War: America and Who Believes in America and here's an audience recording of a full Keith set from a show at the Free Times Cafe in Toronto - dig on his VL 4 Harmonizer unit along with the
"Band Thing in a Box" supplying harmony and other EFX.  

And here's a live video clip of Keith playing at Graffiti's in Toronto with ...
Vote The Bastards Out