Dirty Bird 

By Jamie Manov
c. 2011 - 2013

Hey there baby, I don’t need your number
Don’t even wanna' know your name 
I’ll take a pass on the detailed bio 
You see, to me, well it’s all the same

To get your rocks off in the Sunday paper 
Doesn't sit too well with me
In fact the nature of our business arrangement
It's the money, honey 
Just a fait d'accompli

Hey, hey now, Jimmy. 
Tell me what’s the word?
 Seems to me you’ve got yourself a real dirty bird

>>>It’s a payday<<<

Don’t care about your favourite colour 
Doesn’t matter how you style your hair
You won’t be needing that sequinned gown, girl 
You won’t be going out anywhere

No need for clubbing, ain't no after party 
We won’t be groovin’ to some jungle mix 
The only sound darlin' that you’ll be hearin’ 
Is the thunder going down in a Motel 6

Bird Solo 

Hey, hey now Jimmy 
She’s got a nasty tone
Have you forgotten about the wife and kids at home?

>>>Here comes the beat down<<<

Umm, get high on all the fame and glory 
Won’t be living the American Dream
Just keep shakin’ your hips like that, now 
I wanna see you sweat, wanna' hear you scream


Jamie on assorted acoustic/electric guitars, bass, slide leads, drums and lead and backing vocals with Keith on rhythm guitar (left side), character conscience voical and backing vocals.