Dreadful Flight
By Keith McDonald and Jamie Manov
 c. 2011 - 2013

A Whiners Air plane passes by …
The drummer counts off …
The band hits …
Murmured voices surround the listening spectrum ….
And then …

"Ladies and Gentlemen, as we make our final approach into Calgary, the Captain has turned on the seat belt sign

Please have your chairs in the upright position and make sure that you do fasten your seat belts  

It’s a balmy -40 degrees in Calgary today 

We’d like to thank you for flying Whiners Air

On behalf of Captain McDonald, and all the crew, have yourselves a wonderful day"


Keith on electric rhythm guitars (right side), bass, drums, dream voices and Cptn' announcement message with Jamie on slide leads (left side and right side). "Bye-bye" from Whiners Air!